Accent On Leather has been making these jackets for almost 20 years. Over that time we have constantly improved our jackets. The jackets we make today are superior to any other jacket on the market.

We are excetpionally proud of the fact that they are made in the USA. We are not buying jackets from China or Mexico that mass produced, but we are crafting every jacket in our Wayne, NJ facility.

From the quality of the 100% wool used for the body of the jacket; to the leater we use throughout the jacket; we make sure that every component, every snap, every stitch meets our strict standards.This way we know that they will meet your standards.

Below are the standard features of our jackets, and an example of some of the optional features.


Standard Varsity Jacket Features


Optional Varsity Jacket Features

Custom Features

Custom Measurements


Every body is a bit different, and sure you can fit everyone into S, M, L, XL, XXL and even XXXL, but we think it is better to build the jacket for the person. The height form the waist to the collar, around the chest, around the waist and even the sleeve length is unique to each customer. With this method there is no reason for anyone to feel self conscious with a size label, and they get the size that they need - exactly.


All Leather Luxury

all leather varsity jacket


For those that want the finest varsity jacket available ask us about the all leather option.

Yes you can do away with the wool and get a top grain all leather varsity jacket. The same cuffs and waistband, the same team colors.

This jacket is pure luxury.