We understand that there is a cost to keeping your team going. As a result we have created our fundraising program for teams.

Ifundraising1f you are an Athletic Director, Coach, or parent; if you are a part of a PTO/PTA, Booster club or other supporting organization, we can work with you.

We can work with you to set a price that allows a portion of the proceeds to go to your school. Every organization needs to work in their own way, but the typical set-up works like this:

We set a price for all varsity jackets for your team or school at a price that includes our base cost for the jacket and an additional amount that you want to be a donation to your organization. This price covers the standard features of the jacket (see features), additional optional features will be priced as normal.

In School Fitting

We can work with you to coordinate a "fitting session" with the students. For this session we will come to your school and measure each student ordering a jacket. We take their payment for the jacket, or you can take the money, (we accept credit cards). If you take the money, you then pay us, if we take the money we then pay you.

In Store Fitting

Should you need to have the fittings done offsite, or if students could not attend the in school fitting, they can come to our store in in Wayne, New Jersey. Jackets will be sold at the same price here as they were in school, and the same donation to your organization will be made.